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CAD Tools for Circuits and Systems

Tuesday May 26, 2015 (15:50-17:00) — Room 5 – Fernando Pessoa
Discussion Panel Sponsored by Cadence

Discussion Panel Sponsored by Cadence

Panel Discussion:

Moderator: Franco Maloberti, University of Pavia


  • Massimo Alioto, University Singapore
  • Gunhan Dundar, Bogagici University, Istanbul
  • Patrick Haspel, Cadence Design Systems
  • Andrei Vladimirescu, UC Berkeley and School of Engineeging, Polytechnic of Porto

Keynote Talk

Tuesday May 26, 2015 (15:50-17:00) — Small Auditorium

The convergence of data science with circuits and systems is producing innovative solutions to familiar problems, reshaping industries, and impacting the world in surprising ways. Low-power devices enable encryption at the edge and a secure and private Internet of Things. Smart meters and segmentation algorithms create an agile electric grid that accommodates intermittent renewables and dynamic demand-response systems. Big data analytics can root out human trafficking on the web, or analyze the decisions of judges to support smarter bail decisions. Solar panels, batteries, and LEDs can cost-effectively replace kerosene lanterns in the developing world [...]

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Live Demos Session

Tuesday May 26, 2015 (15:50-17:00), Foyer 2nd Floor (near room S9)


  • Pantelis Georgiou, Imperial College, UK
  • João Oliveira, FCT/UNL, Portugal