ISCAS 2015 proposes the following 16 tutorials. Tutorials will be presented in parallel sessions on Sunday May 24, 2015. All of attendees are strongly encouraged to register in advance. Each person may select one morning and/or one afternoon tutorial(s) or one full day tutorial. No hopping between tutorials is allowed.

Registration to the tutorial includes:

  • Copy of the presentation
  • Coffee Break(s)
  • Lunch

Full Day Tutorials

Full Day Tutorial 1
Event-Based Frame-Free Sensors & Processing: Sensors, Simulators and Hardware Processors
Presented by T. Delbruck, S. Liu, A. Linares, B. Linares-Barranco, S.Furber, J. Conradt

Full Day Tutorial 2
From Data to Actions: Applications of Data Analytics in Semiconductor Manufacturing & Test
Presented by Y.Makris, H. Stratigopoulos

Morning Tutorials

Morning Tutorial 1
Design Methodology and Circuit Techniques for Any-Load Stable LDO Regulators with Instant Load Control
Presented by V.V. Ivanov, I. Filanovsky

Morning Tutorial 2
Energy Harvesting and Power Management for Autonomous Self-powered Devices
Presented by M. Ismail, B. Mohammad

Morning Tutorial 3
Systematic Design of Analog Circuits Using Pre-Computed Lookup Tables
Presented by B. Murmann, P. Jespers

Morning Tutorial 4
Smart Implantable Brain-Machine Interfaces Intended for Sensing and Subsequent Treatment
Presented by M. Sawan

Morning Tutorial 5
Low Voltage Power Delivery and Clocking in Nanoscale Technologies: Basics to Recent Advance
Presented by E. Salman, B. Taskin

Morning Tutorial 6
Compressive Sensing: From Theory to Circuits and Systems Implementation and Applications
Presented by G. Setti, R. Rovatti

Morning Tutorial 7
Capacitive DC-DC Converter Design
Presented by R. Harjani, S. Chaubey., R. Jain

Afternoon Tutorials

Afternoon Tutorial 1
Phase-Locked Clocking and Frequency Synthesis – System Perspectives Tailored for IC Designer
Presented by W. Rhee

Afternoon Tutorial 2
Miniturized Energy-Harvesting Piezoelectric Chargers
Presented by G. A. Rincón-Mora

Afternoon Tutorial 3
Analog IC Design Automation: Approaches and Challenges
Presented by N. Horta

Afternoon Tutorial 4
Contemporary Implantable Telemetry Systems for eHealth Infras- tructure: the Road to iHumans
Presented by R. Sobot

Afternoon Tutorial 5
Physical Design for 3-D ICs
Presented by V. Pavlidis, A. Todri-Sanial

Afternoon Tutorial 6
3D Video System with Depth-Image-Based Rendering: from multi-view video to depth-based 3D video
Presented by C. Zhu

Afternoon Tutorial 7
Design by Mathematics of Full Software Radio circuits and systems: methodology and application to 5G standard
Presented by F. Rivet, Y. Deval, Y. Veyrac