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ISCAS vectors to IEEE Grand Challenges: Recommended session attendance itineraries

At the past CASS ExCOM meeting held in February 2015 in Montevideo, the CAS Society governance agreed to continue extending the strategy emanating from the Vision Committee held during the past years into others aspects of the Society. The CASS technical strategic vision poses how to address the technical Grand Challenges by combining activities from different TCs.

Being ISCAS the flagship technical conference, we are highlighting the alignment of the technical program to those IEEE Grand Challenges by superimposing recommended session attendance itineraries to the already existing technical session floorplan.

Of course, good practice includes CASS members who naturally do this, but we would like to make this explicit both (a) to help new and emerging community members, as well as (b) to make explicit in the program the appearance of applications, systems, products and Society grand challenges. All IEEE Societies need to address them, but it is our understanding that CASS is better positioned since CASS concurrently has most topics in a single conference, so that the purpose of this recommended attendance itineraries is to highlight and bridge them.

For the definition of Grand Challenges, we considerthose addressed at IEEE-wide level by the Future Directions Committee (, which are indeed very well aligned to those identified by international research agencies since eventually these long-term challenges are common for the Society at large.

WouterSerdijn, TU Delft, The Netherlands, ISCAS 2015 General Co-Chair
Jorge Fernandes, INESC-ID, IST, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal, ISCAS 2015 General Co-Chair
João Goes, FCT/UNL and CTS/UNINOVA, Portugal, ISCAS 2015 Technical Program Committee Co-Chair
Philipp Hafliger, University of Oslo, Norway, ISCAS 2015 Technical Program Committee Co-Chair
Eduard Alarcon, CASS VP Finance
Amara Amara, CASS VP Conferences